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Partnering with a reliable Information Systems and Information Technology has never been this easy. InTech works with healthcare organizations, construction companies, engineering firms and the local business market in Altoona, State College, Williamsport and throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Advice & Expertise

InTech Network Solutions are the local technology industry with a proven track record helping local businesses. What that means is you are going to get the right IT solution, the first time around.

Great IT Solutions

InTech Network Solutions believes that local businesses need access to the best Information Technology solutions. You will have an IT services company who believes in providing the right technology, always.

In Person Support

InTech Network Solutions is local. We support local businesses and organizations along the I-99 corridor and throughout Central PA. Our service professionals believe in custom, in-person service.

Why Trust Us As Your Local IT Services Company?

InTech Network Solutions is your complete IT Service and Managed Service Provider for all of your business IT needs. We are located in Central Pennsylvania and provide our services to small to medium enterprises in all industries.

  1. What Do We bring?

    We bring decades of experience in addition to several premier industry certifications to pass along our superior expertise in the IT field to your business.

  2. Our Commitment

    We are committed to providing professional, superior, cutting-edge, Information Technology Services to our clients.

InTech Provides IT Services & IT Support

Our goal is to use our many years of technical support experience and expertise to help local businesses throughout Central Pennsylvania remove technology, security threats and other issues related to computers and networks from their daily worry list.

Every member of the InTech Network Solutions team is passionate about supporting our clients in achieving their business objectives. Our focus is on delivering high- quality IT services and IT support for every client we are trusted to take care of.


Professional & Reliable IT Services & Computer Support

InTech Network Solutions provides a wide-range of business IT services and computer support solutions.
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InTech's Tech Journal

InTech Network Solutions believes in sharing the latest technology news, how-to information and tips and tricks with local organizations. Check out our latest insights from our tech journal.