Comprehensive Data Backup

InTech Network Solutions provides data backup and data recovery services for large and small companies throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Want to Protect Your Business with Data Backup and Business Continuity?

Here’s How State College Businesses Can Protect Their Data and Their Business

Looking for a disaster recovery plan or a way to protect your data?

If your business needs reliable data backup and a business continuity strategy, our staff are uniquely equipped to assist you.

  • Local technicians who care about keeping local businesses thriving
  • IT professionals who specialize in robust, optimized business technology
  • Hands-free data and application backups to offsite cloud servers

What Does InTech’s Data Backup Services Include?

The team at InTech will provide your business with automatic, verifiable, and reliable solutions for data backup and complete system recovery to mitigate the effects of potential disasters. We strive to recruit competent, experienced techs to ensure that clients always receive the highest quality service.

  • Server Management – We manage the day-to-day server operations and assure your systems are updated, backed up, and performing optimally.
  • Reliable Automation – Cutting edge enterprise-class backup tools and processes minimize the risk of data loss.
  • 24/7 Critical Support – 24/7 response to critical outages.
  • Storage Management – Maintenance and management of SAN and NAS systems.
  • Threat Intelligence – Aggregated real-time threat signatures and intelligence collected worldwide to identify indicators of compromise quickly.
  • Redundant Backups – Copies of business data are stored in secure, offsite servers insulated from your main network for additional protection against file corruption or loss.

Why Do I Need Business Continuity Services?

It’s no surprise to you that nearly every aspect of the average business runs on the backbone of their technology systems. When those systems go down, so does the business. Investing in a business continuity strategy now allows you to get back on your feet after one of these negative events cripples your internal IT infrastructure, limiting your access to data and workflows.

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Power Outage
  • Storm
  • Hack
  • Rogue Employee
  • Local Criminal Activity
  • Ransomware
  • Malware

How Does the InTech Backup and Business Continuity Strategy Work?

  • We will make full backups of your ENTIRE network at regular intervals. That means we will protect your data by making copies of your files, applications, programs, operating systems and settings – EVERYTHING. We set up automatic onsite and cloud-based backup – giving you the ability to restore quickly if needed.
  • In case of server failure, we have the capacity to quickly get your processes up and running on our backup appliance while we service the server that is down. This enables you to experience little downtime. Even if your in-house server goes up in smoke, we’ve got you covered.
  • If you experience a complete outage (you lose the ability to use your infrastructure), we will rebuild your complete network on a secure cloud server to allow you to continue to access your critical applications and files. With our image-based backup strategy, you can effectively bring your operations back online at another WIFI enabled location if needed.

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