Network Security Services

InTech Network Solutions provides network security services and data protection solutions for small to large businesses in Pennsylvania.

Is Your Business Safe and Protected From Online Threats?

How Will You Build Solid Network Security To Safeguard Your Data And Bottom Line?

Every network faces the risk of a breach – it’s inevitable. Knowing how to minimize risk – and the cost impact of a breach – is the key. Data breaches are sadly becoming more common…and more expensive. News reports of data breaches are tallying greater loss of revenue, more data being exposed including that of clients and customers, and even resulting in compliance penalties for the breached network.

Some “invisible” costs of a data breach include thousands or tens of thousands of dollars from decreased client confidence, lost productivity, and damaged reputation.

Arming Yourself and Your Data with the Best Protection You Can is the Approach to Feel Safe and Comfortable.

The InTech team works to ensure your network is highly safeguarded. While you focus on day-to-day operations, we are ready around-the-clock to offer you the utmost mind peace!

Network security is vital to safeguarding your precious information. Without a secure infrastructure in place, you and your data are at risk of exposure to threats like malware, malicious attackers, viruses, phishing, and spam.

No business wants to discover a breach in their network, a disaster no catastrophic preparedness plan can fully predict. The best means of protection is an updated plan, including staying one step ahead of the latest threats. With InTech’s network security services, you are assured to get the most trustworthy and comprehensive protection.

What Network Security Services Are Offered By InTech?

InTech is dedicated to protecting your data, your business, and your network. Our network security services are designed to meet your technology needs, keeping your precious data secure.

  • Secure computer practices – We educate you and your staff members on the most secure computer practices in order to abstain from every type of potential data breach.
  • Current security analysis – We assess your present security to find out the vulnerabilities and suggest particular solutions to help you bridge every gap.
  • Secured firewall – We safeguard your network from unreliable access and block interruptions without putting your internet connection in jeopardy.
  • Improved network security – We boost network security where required with such inclusions as a VPN or a firewall to offer protection when staff members utilize their own mobile devices or travel.
  • Spam filtering – We offer this service for blocking malicious emails comprising of malware or viruses and quarantine them automatically.
  • Keeping your system updated – We do this to safeguard your system from new threats as they emerge.
  • Round-the-clock network monitoring – We offer real-time monitoring to find and reduce threats and stop possible interruptions before they affect your organization.
  • Web content filtering – This service prevents your staff members from visiting inappropriate, malicious, or dangerous sites.
  • Managed anti-malware and anti-virus protection – We update this regularly to safeguard your organization’s data and reduce new threats while keeping your system updated.
  • Handheld device protection – This service is offered to make sure you can access your company data on mobile devices with no fear of compromising safety and security.

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