IT Services for the Healthcare Industry

InTech Network Solutions specializes in providing IT services and IT support for the US Healthcare industry. We are experts in local healthcare IT service.

Tired of Feeling Like Your Healthcare IT Assets are on Life Support?

Where Can I Find Dependable IT Support for My Healthcare Practice?

Today’s healthcare organizations have become heavily dependent on technology. To serve their patients most effectively, they need technology that is fully functional and optimized to promote efficient work processes and overall productivity.

Technology also plays a critical role in patient comfort and care. Many patients have come to rely on many different IT services to simplify the office visit experience. Patients have come to expect conveniences like waiting room WiFi, online scheduling, and electronic health records (EHR) for notifications of test results or appointment reminders.

Unfortunately, many IT support companies drop the ball when it comes to delivering on services they have promised to healthcare practices. Some claim to have the necessary industry experience yet lack the knowledge of HIPAA regulations and procedures to get and keep a practice compliant.

Leading Central Pennsylvania healthcare practices can’t afford to be on the receiving end of unreliable and inexperienced Managed IT Services providers.

InTech Network Solutions has provided top-tier Managed IT Services to the healthcare industry since our inception in 2013. We offer our valued clients a holistic suite of IT solutions coupled with trustworthy, executive-level IT consulting. Our team of expert technicians has the experience healthcare providers need to give them the confidence that their IT systems are in the hands of professionals who understand their needs.

Can IT Support for Healthcare Organizations Improve Your Workflow and Efficiencies?

Managed IT Services from InTech Network Solutions offers our Central Pennsylvania clients access to a team of professionals who are skilled at helping them to maximize the IT assets they already own. As a result, workflows and processes are streamlined and strengthened to promote greater staff and doctor efficiency.

Our team of IT specialists provides our customers with:

  • Proactive IT maintenance
  • Real-time IT answers to employee questions and troubleshooting requests
  • Executive-level IT advice
  • A team of IT specialists committed to your practice’s success
  • Advanced cybersecurity measures to keep your network and data secure
  • Predictable IT support costs to fit your budget
  • Practice management software support
  • EMR/EHR security
  • HIPAA compliance consulting and management

Does InTech Network Solutions Have Expertise in HIPAA Compliance Regulations?

InTech Network Solutions is proud to employ a team of qualified HIPAA IT compliance specialists who are thoroughly acquainted with the IT-related mandates of the legislation.

Our team will make it their business to ensure that all patient information, medical records, and internal workflow documents are secure, recoverable, and accessible to our Central Pennsylvania clients whenever they are needed and wherever they may be.

InTech Network Solutions offers healthcare organizations:

  • Vendor management services
  • IT system optimization to provide an efficient workflow
  • Application integration and automation
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance for optimal security
  • HIPAA-compliant data storage and email options
  • HIPAA compliance consulting
  • Affordable, flat-rate monthly payments for IT support

What Other Services Can In Tech Network Solutions Offer My Practice?

The InTech Network Solutions approach hinges on offering a complete suite of services to provide our customers with total IT care.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Managed IT Services – Keeping your business IT running smoothly through continuous remote and onsite maintenance
  • Help Desk – Answering your IT questions and troubleshooting issues in a timely manner
  • Cloud Consulting and Management – Enabling you to get the most of your current IT assets and giving advice for future cloud investments
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – Disaster-proofing your data and workflow
  • Network Security – Protecting your business through strategic cybersecurity protocols
  • IT Project Services – Working with you to migrate current solutions to new platforms or implement new solutions
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Expertise—Getting and keeping your business compliant with healthcare regulations as outlined by HIPAA and HITECH

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